food.. using up

This week was mostly a week of using up odds and ends from the kitchen.. with a break for tacos. I didn’t even make it to the farmer’s market at all this week. It makes me sad but the fridge is still over full and I don’t want to waste even more food.

I’ve discovered than when making salads and things with tofu i like very much the texture of broiled tofu cubes.

I also have learned that to make a tofu salad I enjoy that if I can’t get to the market and pick up bok choy, and if i’m feeling rushed, that picking up cole slaw mix is much faster than shredding the bok choy and carrots myself. Now to figure out what else I can do with the mix as I’m not in the mood for cole slaw.

I just finished Monkey! Setting the needles down before bentch licht (candle lighting) was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while.. I had about 6 rows left at that point. I have also finished Chart A of the MS3 and have either screwed up the last row or something because I can’t make the first row of Chart B come out right.

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  1. Hmm … still have to get the kids to like tofu. Way back when, when I actually cooked, we would get firm tofu and then press it for a few hours in cheese cloth to make it firmer.

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