random nine on wednesday

Let’s see. I don’t have much to say as it is really really hot out.

  1. I broke down and bought fake crock’s yesterday as it’s too hot for even ME to wear felt clogs (but i’m still wearing socks)
  2. I bought a new wallet. We’ll see. I don’t have high expectations. I bought it’s baby sister yesterday saying “i’ll make this work” .. and almost lost all my cash (i had a wad of singles, rich me!) this morning because of it, so I paid $18 (total) instead of the $7 if I had just bought this one in the first place.
  3. The fun thing about updating Ravelry is I’m discovering FO’s I forgot about. Including recent ones. Such as that softwist shrug? I am wearing it right now and I forgot about it. E’s black socks? ditto (but I’m not wearing them). *sigh*
  4. I wandered around a yarn shop this afternoon for a bit and prefer wandering to anything else because I realized I had a ball of yarn I could pair with something and that would do what I needed. (details on sunday)
  5. I was nominated for an award and I’m still speechless. I’ll come up with whatever I should soon. Thanks Corrie!
  6. Remember the Milk is mostly working for me. I’m convinced it’s only because I’m checking it. But hey, I’ve knocked off some really big ticket items this week and for that? Priceless. A one-week review tomorrow. I hope.
  7. Did I mention it’s hot out? We have AC which I turn on for a few minutes to take the bite out and then I’ll switch to a fan. If we could just do a cross breeze… I want to move!
  8. I may have somehow gotten at least one spinning lesson set up. I’m really excited and nervous. I hope it works out.
  9. I can’t find my other 16″ Bryspun circ in US 3. I did cast on the second of my FIL’s socks but I’ve not done anything since. *sigh* Let me get back to cleaning!

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  1. Yes, yes you do have a spinning lesson kind of set up. It will happen, I promise!

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