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Pride ! That is partially why there was no post yesterday. E and I spent the morning shopping in SoHo and Chelsea (for him) and then watched the March ended up here and it took quite a while but we made it home and quickly changed and then ran to Williamsburg for a family wedding. We returned home after 11 and there was no way a post was getting put together before I fell asleep, I don’t even want to admit how long this post has taken to draft. It was a day of extremes and totally worth every moment and I hope we keep up the energy to live each day that fully. A link to my picassaweb album for Pride 2007 can be found here. The highlight of my day was when E was hit on.. I find it a great compliment.. I think he’s hot too! [And thank you to the guys who hit on me.. you did nice to this poor girl’s ego.] Lastly please note we did not see the whole March. What groups are missing are non-intentional. I did do some editing of what I took, as there some very unflattering photos in there.

So, what knitting was accomplished last week? A nice amount really.

I finally finished my twine inbox. A picture (pretty boring) can be found here. If I could only find it so easily as it has been buried under a mountain of work.

On Friday I zoomed through some baby knits, finishing the petal bib from oneskein and while at Pride I finished the fourth square for the booties from Susan B Anderson’s upcoming publication, Itty Bitty Nursery. [until I fix my plugins photos may be found here and here (there are two, I’ve just not photographed the second)] Both are really quick fun knits. I didn’t double the sole of the booties mostly because I am running against the clock. The child is (b’h, b’yh) growing!

Monkey are progressing slowly. No new pictures.. nothing really discernible. I’ve been avoiding my FIL’s socks. Bad Penny. I will try to cast on and start the toe before I go to bed. I wonder if that counts for summer of socks?

Ok, now to let the pics finish uploading to picassa and work on finding a plugin to let flickr and wordpress talk nicer together, do some other system maintenance I’ve been negligent on, and write the book post. Lastly, I seem not to be getting notice of my flickr comments so I apologize if I’ve not gotten back to you. For those curious what Peninah Leah looks like when all dressed up for a wedding, one answer may be found here.

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  1. What a series of adventures in ONE day! I know who I wanna hang with next time I’m in town!
    And you looks really nice in your “formal” attire.

  2. You dress up pretty! :-)

    Was also impressed w/ the twine inbox.

  3. Just catching up, but your photos are awesome! If only they would move Pride to January in Houston… :)

  4. sounds pretty nice to me! ;)

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