tools, routines, socks, and a spinning question

First off let me mention the wonderful “tool” I’ve been raving about all week. Sunday morning we went to a sporting goods store and I picked up a pair of bike shorts to wear underneath my clothing. That extra bit of padding (while it feels really weird) makes ALL the difference in the world. There is still something odd with my seat (I slide forward.. even when going uphill) but our ride Sunday evening what much more pleasant and I wasn’t in any pain after.

Today, Corrie wrote about her routines and asked about ours. I say I am unstructured but that isn’t all of it.. I like to have a vague idea of what I’m doing when.. if that has been established I do a lot better when things change unexpectedly (or on purpose). I’ve done/doing both GTD & FlyLady. Two minute baby steps are easier to do.

So the answer to Corrie’s question of if I have daily routines.. is Yes. They work when I do them and I generally feel out of sorts if I miss one or two. Mine are location centric.. and I have done my best to rearrange them for efficiency. I also know that I can’t change a whole bunch at once.

My oddest daily habit is that I must check the weather within the hour before bed on a weekday. I don’t always lay out all my clothing but I try to as E and I share our closet space and we collide otherwise.

My “goals” for this month (as I’ve found it takes me about two weeks to start to get a habit) are:
– situps nightly
– 5 minutes of picking up in the evening
– taking out the trash daily (it’s the summer)
– figuring out how to rearrange the closets so E and I stop colliding.
– go through my inboxes and process stuff instead of letting it pile up.

Happy Summer! Summer of Socks starts today! Yay! I’m going to attempt to cast on the second of my FIL’s socks in honour. Then go read the “rules” and figure out how many I’m “breaking”. I figure that my goals are: I’m going to finish FIL’s socks, attempt to finish E’s argyles, and knit up as much of my current sock yarn stash as I can. If I can knit socks for the sues, and R while I’m at it, I’m thrilled. The only way I can break my sock yarn diet is if I find some STR which I’ve wanted to try for a while. Or if Yvonne continues to torture me with gorgeous creations.

Right.. so E may or may not have ok’d a wheel for me .. we got his new puter working last night (#@($*&@#($& extra auxiliary cable.. motherboards have changed in the past six years that all I’m saying.) I asked him if I kept my stuff picked up (see routines above) if I could get a wheel. He said “sure”. I think neither of us expect me to actually do this, but I’ve made considerable progress this week on the cleaning front. Anyway, I want a wheel that I can spin a variety of things on (Dave’s lace is making me drool) and it must be small and inexpensive. I’m really eying the HitchHiker. Thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Now I’m trying to think what my “oddest daily habit” would be. At one point it might have been nasal irrigation but that only lasted for three days. :-)

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