random wednesdays (knitspin, tech, and sun)

1) E’s computer boots! We neglected an auxiliary power cable last night. HUGE relief everywhere.

2) I am currently binding off the first of my father-in-law’s socks. They are super stretchy and I hope he really does like them when I finish them in time for summer. ;)

3) I am happy when it is sunny.

4) Did you see Dave’s beautiful lace weight from his new journey wheel?… He and I have since been emailing (er, I’ve been spamming him and he’s been very kind and responded) and he pointed me to Abby’s wonderful youtube video on spindle spinning. I practiced for 5 minutes today. I’m not suddenly an awesome spinner but I think i grok drafting a bit better. Thank you!!

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  1. OMG! I KNEW you were a fiber stalker!
    Hide the cats! RUN!!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to the fold. Spinning is quite addicting!

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