traveling in my own “back yard”

I grew up with a real backyard.. and then some. I was (am?) a spoiled country brat (it was technically suburbs but if I went just a bit more in a certain direction I ended up at a farm.). I used to travel lots of places while in my back yard. Many dreams were crafted for this small little girl. I’ve not forgotten all of them and hope I can figure out one day how to make them “GO” as well as they did back then.

It is summer and that means it is fair season. Specifically street fair, but I’ll extend that to include the most wonderful craft fair. One might also say we went on a tour of neighborhoods we’d love to live in but could never ever hope to afford nor be “cool” enough to actually live in. ANYWAY…

After running an errand (which I hope to write up on Thursday) we stopped by the Renegade Craft Fair at McCarren “Pool” in Williamsburg. We’re generally not hip enough for williamsburg and I’ll be there again next Sunday, but this time in the other part. ;) ANYWAY.. It was nice and sunny and HOT. We looked around a few times and E bought me the most beautiful necklace from Caryn of Fiery Lion Designs. Each of his designs are unique. Mine is most similar to this one crossed with this one in a beautiful green. That is a description which will have to do until I get a photo up. I’ve received TONS of compliments on it and have twisted my “wardrobe” into whatever will best show it off. ;) I’d love to learn how to make things like this, but don’t worry, spinning is a more urgent activity for me to work on. Oh and we also drooled over these beautiful ceramics but just don’t have the room for much anymore. I have too much yarn E says.

After a quick lunch in Brooklyn Heights, we decided to walk around Park Slope. We parked a block from Union between fifth and sixth and ran into beacon’s closet where I found a nice grey shirt. Anyway, we decided to walk to Seventh and stumbled upon Seventh Heaven. I can’t even begin to describe it’s extreme awesomeness. We walked the whole length of it and back and then invited E’s parents to visit.

In the evening when it had cooled off we returned to the area to ride a loop of Prospect Park and I can’t wait until Thursday to tell you that the tool I will write about made ALL the difference in my small world of “biking”.