summer of anne mccaffrey

Is most definitely open. It may be a little late by some calendars, early by others, and just right for me.

I worked a bit more on the Acorna Series by finishing “First Warning”. It was nice, I almost feel that the story has dragged a bit and I saw this one coming, but as the temperature rises I like not to have to think too hard outside of my work(s).

That said, I returned Language in Time of Revolution today unfinished. I’m sad but I will not let myself get beatup over it. Now if I had just noticed that another book was a week overdue!! (I had marked it in my calendar as renewed! meep!!)

I also finally started the Rowan series, by finishing the first two books of the saga, The Rowan and Damia. I started Damia’s Children and brought Lyon’s Pride and The Tower and the Hive home with me today. I like this series. Strong women and minds. I like having strong women as “role models” even if I’m only reading casually and they are fictional. What one dreams one becomes.

I really need to get crackin’ on my dreams.