knitting progress of a sort

Let’s see. I have uploaded many more pictures to flickr so if you want sneak peaks throughout the week I suggest you head over there (or to ravelry).

I’m holding off on the stretch sock until it’s intended recipient tries it on and hopefully tells me it fits.

Monkey socks are nearing the heel! I see the end in sight. I love the pattern, detest the yarn colour I’m using.

Lace has been knit sporadically in the past week. I just can’t count so I’ve been avoiding it.

I knit on V&J’s afghan for a short bit last night. My goal is to finish two balls of yarn a week between here and september. I want to finish this thing. :)

Baby knitting hasn’t really happened and it worries me as babies are growing and I should get going.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I have a free flickr account, so here are my knitting set images. It includes some finished items and lots of WIPs. I am going to run back out now. E and I had a nice walk today (which I’ll try to write up on Tuesday) and we’re going to go out biking now. I got pretty sunburnt today which annoys me as I actually bought sunscreen — just forgot to use/bring it. *sigh*

[edits were made to include a photo or two and links to flickr. tues 19.jun.07]