peas please!

I am trying to eat better these days. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don’t. [photopress:peasjun07.jpg,thumb,alignright]I really lucked out Friday in that errands I needed to run put me near the Farmer’s Market and Peas are in season. Let’s just say I can finish a pound in a few minutes. I love me fresh wholesome peas. While I was bagging my desires some man me asked what he should do with them. I looked up.. blinked a few times and said “with all due respect I don’t know. this bag will probably not make it home intact. I have never cooked peas like this in my life”. He laughed and said that answered what he would do with them. I hope he enjoyed them. I have been a mature adult, pacing myself in consuming them. I still have about half a pound. (Given that they are $4/lb that is a good thing). I do know where I will be stopping Monday afternoon though. :D

I think I’ve perfected my tofu steaks. I’ve taken to slicing them and drawing as much water out of the extra firm tofu as I am able (using towels and two cutting boards and lots of heavy cans). Then I broil them. Tofu steaks were dinner twice this week (Monday and Shabbat). Tuesday we were by my inlaws and had a pleasant fruit soup followed by a rice & raisin mixture. I feel guilty as raisins were too sweet for me following the soup. It was kinda fun to dump stuff on E’s plate for once (he gives me his mushrooms and onions). Wednesday we had pasta with a simple tomato sauce. Thursday we had a simple stir-fry of you guessed it, tofu. :)

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  1. I *love* raw peas! When I was little we used to de-pod them and eat them by the mouthful. Oh yum!

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