parshah korach

This week we learn Parshat Korach, Bamidbar (Numbers) 16:1-18:32

my attempt at a summary: (better ones you know how to find)
Korach challenges Moses about Aaron’s ordination to priesthood. Moses challenges Korach and his followers to try to give offerings to HaShem, but Hashem is angered and the ground swallows them up. Aaron’s staff blossoms with almonds to prove he is chosen as Kohen. We are commanded how to support the Kohanim and Levites through mattanot kehunah (gifts).

As always there is a good deal here to think about and I’m never sure where to begin. I have turned to my copy of Nehama Leibowitz’s Studies in Bamidbar published by WZO in 5740/1980 and honestly I’ve made no headway into puzzling it out. I understand the rebellion to a limited degree. I understand the reaction to a limited degree. I get puzzled over the firepans and the flowering staff. I understand the gifts to a degree. But I cannot yet link these all together..

What do you learn from this parshah?

The three weeks are coming…

שׁבּת שׁלום

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  1. i thought it was interesting that korah stood at his tent. and the other 2 stood at their tents with their families. it is a good thing or the psalms from the sons of Korah may not have been written. i guess he and moses had the same grandfather? i think, but training kids to search out truth rather than follow family loyalties was what caught my eye reading it last night.

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