what a day …

On Monday I changed an arrangement for being onsite with a “client”^ from 6 hours a day onsite to 4. I have yet to be there for only 4 hours and keep putting in additional time at home. Today I was there for 7.5 I don’t mind but find it quite amusing. In good news some new equipment showed up today (we had two hours notice) and the migration went MUCH smoother than three years ago. I’m hesitant about a new feature/software package that was purchased without my knowledge but it might work. We’ll see. It is a nice relief that this stuff is here and installed and 95% working as we want. Last time this stuff showed up hours before the july 4th weekend and I had no idea it had even been ordered!!

Why is all this good?

This morning there was an email waiting for me that I’ve been pretty patient about. I have now joined Ravelry. What is it you might ask? I direct you to this tour and this other annoucement. If you haven’t yet been added to the beta, don’t fret. You will soon.. I know where I had been in the list at one point in time so I have a feeling it will come soon for you. It’s really funny to me because I had thought about creating something like this for a project last term. This is SOO much better than I would have come up with in my wildest dreams. There are so many incredibly talented people out there. If you are miffed about not getting your email from the wonderful jessica and casey yet, and you complain and I find out about it, I will find you and personally kick your butt. If you complain if it crashes or is slow or doesn’t yet do feature X,Y, or Z, again I will come find you and you will not be very happy after I am done with you. I can make the government torture look well.. I’m not going to get political. ;) This is beta testing. We have not before created something like this. Be patient.

The biggest advantage to all of this is I’m using flickr a bit more. I have discovered that there is some big weirdness with flickr screenames which I wish I knew about a while ago. Bleah. Mine is penny (peninah) but my url contains peninah and my login is something else entirely. weird weird weird and very frustrating. [note this is useful information for ravelry and probably other applications which utilize the flickr api and hooks and other things i’m no longer up on]

^ They are my old FT gig and I work for them as ME PT not as ME, Inc (actually LLC) as a consultant arrangement. It’s probably odd to most people but we seem happy with it.

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  1. How crummy that people are snarking to Jess and Casey! Of course we all want in on the Ravelry fun, but seriously. We do not need to anger the site’s creators.

    Congrats on getting an invite!

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