slow knitting progress …

No, I didn’t end up spinning at all this week. Bad penny.

I did however attempt to knit a shawl [photopress:seraphim_back.jpg,thumb,alignright]based on the wonderful Seraphim with 1 skein of Berroco Softwist. I only knit the edge chart and I think I might rip back (since I have 11g leftover) and knit the edge chart plus the last well, i’m not yet quite sure. I have to play a bit more with the other charts and figure it out. I really do wish I had enough to knit more of this. I actually think the yarn sorta works with this shawl and I’m very impressed with how much of anything I got out of it. At worse I’ll probably rip back and just do a pretty daisy eyelet type thing. It looks a bit bare and slightly odd with just the edge chart. All that said, it was quite fun to knit and I can’t wait to get there on the other two seraphim’s i’m knitting. It is a beautiful shawl and I love it. If I don’t rip back I’m going to knit a small tie and it will still be useful in my AC-heavy office environment.

What else have I slowly been working on?

The stretchy socks! I had attempted to do the heel [photopress:stretchsock10juna.jpg,thumb,alignright]on the train one groggy morning and somehow either dropped a stitched or m1’d another or I have no idea. Last night I tink’d back and I’m almost done with the reworked heel. This time there are some holes I’m not happy with but I’m not sure what I did differently on this one as compared to my last shortrow heel (on monkey). The question remains do I attempt to knit it’s mate or do I just now let it’s recipient know and make sure that this one fits first. I’m leaning toward this approach as I have already ripped an entire sock for this recipient…

Lastly, this square (really isn’t that big) is [photopress:babyshoe10juna.jpg,thumb,alignleft]the start of some booties. I have a ton of friends with newborns, not-so-newborns, and a few brewing. I think it’s time for me to restart my “bib + something” every two weeks resolution. And also attempt to get a start on some winter baby knits. *sigh*

That’s about it. I plan to have a review of Annie Modesitt’s beautiful Twist and Loop tomorrow. Maybe a picture of how i’ve been inspired. We’ll see. ;)