a week of food…

I really wish I could say that we ate great local-food meals this past week.

I can’t.

Sunday – I forgot to write down. Salad?
Monday – pasta w/cheese and a simple tomato sauce
Tuesday – soy hotdogs & kraut & fries
Wednesday – stir fry: tofu, rice, and canned oriental mix.
Thursday – leftover taco shells, rice, soy crumblers, & cheese
Shabbat – Orecchiette with Mixed Greens and Goat Cheese — I substituted regular tomato as I didn’t have sundried and my goat cheese had herbs. We really liked this and I will make it again as it’s easy and yummy!
Saturday – Leftover soy hotdogs & kraut

I just ate some of the worst raspberries ever. They were from the supermarket. I should know better, but I’m spoiled. We had a raspberry bush (or three) in my back yard when I was little so I grew up eating them fresh. As in I rarely made it the 100 feet back into the house before I polished the majority off. Mum didn’t mind as long as I tried to save her one.