there may be hope after all

I don’t think I’ll be wearing it to the wedding, but:


To tie this into my self-imposed schedule today’s tool is my kitchen scale. [photopress:softwistshawl1.jpg,thumb,alignright]I just wish I was better at figuring out the yardage I’d get with this thing. Miriam and i emailed a bunch today (i heart her very much) and no one is exactly quite sure if I’ll get anything outta this thing. 50g = 100yds. Not really much there. I have two options that I see, attempting the last two charts of seraphim and hoping for the best (which I think I will attempt as I’ve more left than I thought) or just knitting it plain until I’m about to run out and then do a simple eyelet edging of some sort. I’m going to be wearing a “lil black dress” to the wedding but made modest. Which means I need a wrap of some sort and this probably won’t make the cut. I’m a little sad about it, but it does reopen up my schedule. My googling just now found this harlot gem of goodiness and I’ll have to keep it in mind. I have a skein of fleece artist I’m scared to knit up. I was thinking of making embossed leaves into wrist mits but a shawl… and Stephanie is a bit taller than I so again, there is hope.