hoping for a knitting miracle

1 (one) skein Berroco softwist in some unknown colourway, let’s call it “Taupe” (it looks like a pewter to me)
8mm needles

Seraphim by the wonderful Miriam Felton

Skipping chart #1 *sniff*
Going to knit charts #2, #3, and edging really fast in the hope that I don’t run out. I only have one ball and it was bought in a sale bin over a year ago.

Why? I was invited to a family wedding on Sunday (as in 3 days from now) and I have *nothing* to wear to this event. I was told to “dress to the teeth” (good thing I had a cleaning this week, hope my coffee isn’t going to stain too badly!). I’m going to try to spice up some items in my closet and this shawl seems my only hope. (well, beyond hoping I find a light weight chocolate brown sweater that I can embellish with some crochet or knit lace today). And more coffee. I have other deadlines I need to make! ACK!

So, do you think I can make it? I’m worried about my calculations and ability to modify the lace charts (I might email Miriam, I feel guilty to do so though). I also have to find a top, shoes, and something to cover my hair. Some of my readers received a frantic email last night begging for assistance. Thank you to all of you …