slow progress

I wish I had more to report. I’m still trying to figure out where last week went. I knit bits on lots of projects and think that they are in that black-hole time-space period.

On Friday I left the gift socks here


and I swear after about two hours of knitting today due to slow traffic they don’t appear much longer. *sigh* at least they are still with me.

However, thanks to sara’s gift and some taupe merino lace I picked up last week I finally cast on for seraphim. In honor of miriam’s birthday. :) I am loving it so far but need either a second set of hands or more time. I’ll take either.

Sorry for the icky flash shot…

The spinning is gathering dust again as I’ve been really tired when I get home.

I am sadly overdue with a review of Annie Modesitt’s awesome flipknit books. I’ll start now by saying GO ORDER a set for yourself a few as gifts and beg your LYS to order lots.

I have four seven babies to knit for and think there will be lots of booties and hats in my future, and a bib or three as well. Any links as to quick fun baby knits is appreciated. Something that will help me use up my stash which the appropriate sections I believe consist of 3 balls of bernat cotton tots (in mint green, EWW) and lots of kitchen cotton. I’m eying some other cottons but need to make progress through this stuff first.

Also, if you want some berrocco plush (in baby mix) I’m ready to hand it over. I refuse to give baby-anything that can’t be thrown in the washer (at the very least). I would prefer to trade it either for some money or some other yarn. If you are interested please let me know. The majority of it is still in ball format a little has been “swatched”. I’ll ball it up and send it to you. I have between 4-6 balls. I forget. First let me know you want it and then I’ll track it all down. I have no idea what possessed me to buy it in the first place. I think its softness won me over. So far I’ve resisted putting it as filler in swap boxes..

Lastly, are you good with vectors images? Want to help me make a ball of yarn to reduce to a 16×16 icon? Please let me know. I’ll find something to send you. :)