montréal .. first notes.

I’m not quite sure what to write about Montréal. We didn’t have much time there exploring but focused more on recharging, relaxing, and spending some time together.. something that we don’t get to do often.

We did have quick laugh on the way up… We could have saved a [photopress:peru_ny.jpg,thumb,alignright]ton of money two years ago and still gotten to Peru!

I greatly enjoyed the city. E found it felt more “away” than he expected, but surmised that it was because he only has two years of high school French. We found the signs amusing but understand a lot of it is politically based, something I am ignorant on (my husband? he knows everything). I wish I had travelled here in college and just been immersed in the language even if it wasn’t what I was being taught in school. It would have helped. We found it highly amusing that the three books stores we browsed through were 75-80% English language. Unless another book store is hiding and this was catering to the tourists… I was frustrated that if I hesitated at all in my french (I have never been good at conversation in any language, and I’ve not spoken french in seven years) my conversation partner switched to perfect English. *sigh* Speaking of easy switching of bilingual speakers, I point you to Kim Werker’s mother-in-law’s recent research in psycholinguistics which is in Science this past week. I wish I had been smarter in College and been able to continue the studies I was a participant in. [In other unrelated-but-not news, A got tenure. YAY!]

It was nice having our own car.. There are a TON of Mazda 3’s on the road so that was both weird and nice. I’m happy someone else likes the car. We are seeing more and more being driven here but they are still a minority (we live in minivan land).

I was spoiled by hotel amenities.For a few dollars more (US dollars, not that the exchange is that different these days) we could choose between a balcony and a “bath with water jets”. I think if you know me at all you know what I chose. It was my first experience with such a bath and how spoiled I quickly became. I do not feel I wasted water as I practically lived in it in the evenings but it was still a bit difficult for me. I think it is what lead us to such a wonderful trip. While we recharged each night by going to bed ridiculously early (everything closed at 5), my baths (I only turned the jets on once) saved us.

Why? We walked a TON. All around. Vieux-Montréal and Mont Royal and from here to there and back again. I didn’t take many pictures, those that I did are of the metro and I’m saving those for next Tuesday.

Ok, I’m going to leave this non review of Montréal here and hope to pick it up next week. I’ve never written up my travel experiences really as I enjoying them so if I actually get to this in a timely manner it will be a first.

Lastly, I see that I’ve been tagged twice more for the 7-8 random things memes by Lysa and Kathy Marie. I’m working on it. I’m pretty boring though.

ps I seem always to get accents wrong. Is it grave or acute? je pense que c’est acute mais …

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  1. Eh, les Quebecoise, they speak funny ;) Montreal is a great city (I’m told), and it sounds like you had a terrific time! Can’t wait to see the pix… Did you hit any yarn shops?

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