some knitting here, some knitting there…

This will be a short post. Two reasons.. one it’s late. two it’s late and we just came home from seeing my inlaws and my mother-in-law brought me back two knitting/crochet/tat books from her recent trip to budapest. they look fascinating and i’m going to have to try to translate them which will be amusing because my magyar consists of nem and igen.

I’m currently taping the Craft in America show on PBS. Hopefully. Eli set up the VCR. No, we don’t have TiVO.

I finally finished my part of the [photopress:charityblanket_finished.jpg,thumb,alignright]Charity Blanket Swap. I’m nervous as I totally bonked picking up stitches and made it up as I went along. Jodie (who is awesome) had charged us with being creative, so I tried. It is based on MDK’s log cabin stuff and my meandering through Coney Island the week before I bought yarn. I might chicken out and crochet over some of the horrid seams I left. [photopress:charityblanket.jpg,thumb,alignleft]You’ll see how I slowly learned how to pick up and join the stitches. It’s kinda funny as I was doing this I realized I had never done that sort of thing before. Shawls and socks don’t have many seams … I hope to get it out Friday. I would say tomorrow, but I’m realistic. I have no box. I haven’t even gotten together what I want to send to Carolyn yet. It was nice car knitting, except for when the sun was really strong on me and that wasn’t a fun time. The blanket really did enjoy the trip. I really am happy that Jodie is doing this swap. I hope we get another blanket going around. I’m totally up for another round and promise to make my edges neater this time.

I finished a Monkey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heel (short row) and toe. It fits perfectly for me. I have already cast on the mate and am slogging through it wanting to be done yesterday.


I also finally cast on for M’s gift socks. I’m using Regia Stretch and it’s very sprongy. I thought I’d use the Eastern Caston featured in the Summer IWK… First time it was quite loose in that first row. The second time it was better but still not quite usable. The third time I wrapped on with 000’s and then transfered to my 3.25mm’s .. looks great no?
[photopress:easterncaston1.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:easterncaston2.jpg,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:easterncaston3.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

Well, yes, except for where I did a normal yo .. I have enough of a tail that I’ll close it up later. I like this yarn and like the bryspuns with it. :)


Oh my what are these two yummy cakes of yarn which took me about an hour to wind this afternoon?


I love the merino lace that Sara sent me, but want to knit seraphim a bit thicker so I found this yummy tan merino oro to pair it with. I’m excited to see how it will come out.

BUT! Many babies have been born and I have to get knitting. Lots of knitting. Knitting is good. :)

[why the cat as a post icon on the main page? because I don’t have a ball of yarn for an icon. yet. hint hint, anyone have one?]

Tomorrow, bli neder, Montrèal.

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  1. Ooh, your square looks awesome! I can’t wait to see a close-up of it! This blanket is going to rock, when it’s done ^_^

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