posting to resume soon

I just have had a ton to do today. I don’t want to loose all this good feeling by stressing about a silly post or three. I want to write them out proper and be proud of them. for this week anyway. We’re all good here, wishing we were still on a mini break. We’re a bit tired and trying to rearrange schedules and figure out what is best for everyone. I have a ton of client work I’ve ignored…

Think good thoughts for Sara please. Around 2:20p PST tomorrow she’ll be visiting the oral surgeon. I know she’ll be fine.. I’ve had many teeth yanked by one in the past. But please, think of her.

Second, if you know of a place down town with about 2500 sq feet of commercial space at a reasonable place/price (hah), please let me know and i’ll pass it on. it’s not for me. i think i have the right amount of footage.