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Gut Voch! Ok.. We’re going off to the great North tomorrow morning so I’m not quite sure what posting will be. I’ll set up tomorrow’s post shortly and we’ll see what happens. I had a very nice Yontif. My FIL cooked. It was fun (and yummy, though a TON of food).

Today’s post is about a very simple “tool” to keep [photopress:monkey24may07.jpg,thumb,alignright]dpn’s from well, poking out of your bag while you are grocery shopping and begging for you to buy all the sugary foods you shouldn’t eat. I picked this up from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe and I’m going to pick up a few more soon because they are just great. I wish the cord was expandable from 4-8" but I’ll take this! It has already saved the life of some socks. Sorry for the poor camera phone picture, my camera is currently getting some nail polish to keep my lens cap on (it’s really the only reason I own nail polish) so I am not touching it until it dries. Oh and please don’t ask me about sizing. It’s a tad confusing but I apparently guessed right!

Because I can’t resist — this was Monkey on Tuesday:

I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 tonight and added a plugin which puts an icon with each post of the main index page. Sorta a la slashdot but not perfect yet. I’m currently looking for some 16×16 icons for yarn and other things which I post about.. I’m not totally pleased with this plugin but I haven’t found one I really like yet. I know it’s out there. I’d prefer one that automatically posted images based on the categories I selected .. I should just roll my own. *sigh*