virtual travel: rachel papo · and a PSA

My FIL introduced me to the art of Israeli Artist Rachel Papo. I HIGHLY suggest you explore her photographs virtually or at HUC (where I would have been today if the dentist wasn’t super gluing my crown back together then back into my mouth ;) ). I hope to get there next week.

No post tomorrow, perhaps on Thursday, definitely on Friday. Gut yontif!

Ok.. Public Service Announcement. Which I hope you won’t ever need. IF you need a root canal they will not do it all in one day. Trust me, you wouldn’t want this. You will have parts done and go back and forth for a few weeks until all is done. While waiting for the dentist to finish up with the prior patient I overheard him, a man in his 70s, just not want to understand that this is the the common procedure and it can’t just be done in entirety in 20 minutes or less. When I had my root canal it took over 2 months given my schedule at the time — not to mention I’m allergic to penicillin and that always makes life more fun around infection. I don’t think you’d really want it all at once.. Your poor mouth is undergoing some pretty serious trauma and massive healing. Wikipedia actually has a nice summary of the procedure. I can tell you mine didn’t hurt, but I should add that I have a very high tolerance for pain in the back of my mouth. The front? I start whimpering if I just think about it.

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  1. Because I hate the idea of needles in my gums so much, I had my first cavity drilled without novacain. I don’t recommend this to anyone.

    (I have no experience with root canals; this is the closest thing I have.)

    (And also, I have tagged you for a meme. Tag!)

  2. Wow. I’ve already sent Papo’s website to half my family. Great recommendation, thanks for sharing!

    And, dental work, eek!

  3. I am so dental-phobic, I have to have nitrous for cleanings. My dentist is a superhero who has never once hurt me, but I am still totally freaked out and avoid going, Until I’m past the point where I need to go. Which is really stupid, and I’m not stupid. I don’t get it.

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