food · meme: leftovers

I have nothing food related for the week. I’m sure there is something, but we lived on leftovers this past week (including shabbos, so sue me).

I do know of a good way to ruin your shabbos in one fast step.. have your crown fall out along with your first bite. It was a long 25 hours until I could run to the 24hr grocery store and pick up some temp cement. I’m just happy I didn’t bite down hard on it and break the rest of my teeth (or swallow it, always a fear).

Sara tagged me a while back so if you want to answer, consider yourself tagged.
The rules are to write 8 random things about yourself. For the real rules just wait and look around the knit-blogosphere it seems this meme is going around again.

  1. I worry a good deal about this site. I keep trying to have a professional but fun side of myself displayed here (like Eunny) but fail miserably. See? I’m being super personal and answering this meme. I put it after the break but uhm.. yeah. It’s probably why I don’t discuss many professional things here. Oh and my husband (E) *hates* that I have this.
  2. I can play any wind instrument. I started with flute in 4th grade even though I couldn’t make a sound out of it for two months. I wanted to play french horn but mum thought it was too big and I’d ruin my already-bad ears. I started bassoon in 8th grade to be different (and as so to no longer compete with my best friend). My high school music program was horrible and I became bored so I taught myself the rest of the winds (btw this includes brass). I used to be fluent in all clefts. I tried to read tenor the other day and it took a while. This disturbs me greatly.
  3. I must have my books neat and organized but everything else can live in piles or bins.
  4. I don’t drive and have little desire to do so. If I have my way it will stay that way for a long long time. If E has his way…
  5. I’m 5’1″ and average 97 pounds. The same that I’ve been since 1994. I like to believe it is because I walk a lot. I hope so.
  6. I can remember cross country (running) routes and have maps of places I visited years ago [and the kitchens of families I babysat] in my head and could probably draw most of them if requested. Rome, however, perplexes me and makes me cry.
  7. I HATE bridges over water. hate hate hate. I can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge if forced requested but would probably rather do anything else (including another few root canals) than walk over manhattan or any other bridge. I can swim. BTW bridges over traffic do not bother me as much.
  8. For many years I detested the colour red as much as I hate bridges over water. Recently I’ve been able to wear the colour. I still have a difficult time with red/orange/yellow of the primary family and would prefer earth-tone variations instead. Not sure about mustard yellow though.

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  1. Random things can be professional…

  2. I *hate* bridges over water too! I freak out when I have to drive over them., And I *do* drive. I always think they’re going to break, or I’m going to be in an accident, or something. Ugh.

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