we interrupt the schedule because: the knife ran away …

with all my spoons. seriously, if you find them, can you please send them back? i’m beyond tired right now. don’t believe me?


this was me at 7:15 this evening. I came home from the office to find the network not working. I poked at it a bit with no change. I was going to do dishes or other cleaning up, but i could barely stand up I was so tired. So I went to bed to nap. Every few minutes my crackberry would buzz so I took it out of its holster and apprentlythis is how E found me. He had some snarky comment so if I can actually get him to read this site I’d like him to remind me what it was.

But, what was waiting for me when I got up?

A box from Sara!! Yay!! Inside well …

[photopress:boxsara17may.jpg,thumb,alignleft]I wonder what was inside … There were about 600 layers of tape to get through first. It was quite fun and exciting. The card (Sara, your handwriting is quite legible, I’ll send you some specimens, if you can decipher E’s hebrew…) was beautiful and inside! Wow.. first I have no idea how I’m [photopress:cbs_sara17may.jpg,thumb,alignright]going to hold my own next on this beautiful blanket. I’ll take it for an adventure tomorrow .. And what else.. gifts for the Nibbler?!?! Oooh she is soo excited. She almost fell over herself to try to get out of the cage and run to Eugene to say thank you. Chocolate?! and Penguin?!!! and and the piece d’resistance which has made me angry at her but I understand its siren call?


gorgeous merino lace (colour 93, a deep maroon red).

Thank you!

I hope that I’ll double post tomorrow with discussions on tools and on learning (especially to prep for Shavous!)

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  1. Yay! The box managed it’s last trip ;D I’m so glad you like everything (and Nibi, too) – even if it means you might have to knit more lace (alright, that was my secret plot from the beginning, I admit it). I can’t wait to see what you add to the blanket! This is so exciting…

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