randoms: packages and sleep and sock progress

I ordered some things on Monday [photopress:monkey_16may07.jpg,thumb,alignright]and both packages were waiting for me when I got home. Yay! Sheri has such fast service! I bought a pile of yarn for E’s argyles and some stretchy yarn to replace the yarn which is now to be monkeys. That pattern is soo darn addictive. I’m half a repeat away from starting the heel flap. YAY! It’s possibly too loose.. we’ll see. We’ll see. I’ve already gone down one needle size as I’ve gotten to my ankle. [photopress:monkeydetail_16may07.jpg,thumb,alignleft]

I also ordered some forms for my planner from a company I recently discovered. With some planning (ha hah) I’ll finally write about this tomorrow. Again, we’ll see. I have great posts in my head but I have been under sleep and unable to write as I desire.

I’m waiting to see what Sara sent me for the Charity Blanket Swap .. we’ve been trying to swap for a year so I should get my act together to mail her package off to her. And of course to figure out exactly what I’m mailing to Carolyn along with my additions to the blanket.

Also, while I’m stretched a little thin in the fulfilling my charity knitting saying I might do more than I can knit.. please help rebuild greensburg square by square.

We’ve both been really exhausted lately. It’s not very good at all — I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing this weekend. I hope.

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  1. Not to spoil the surprise, but I’m annoyed with myself for not getting *my* act together enough to spin you some yarn ;_; But, hopefully, you’ll like everything else I sent…

    I love your Monkey! Looks fabulous (gorgeous yarn).

  2. With all this talk of monkey socks around the internet I might just have to try a pair. They seem to be the sock of choice this year for sockaplooza, but I am doing something different!

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