books: many were borrowed, many were finished, more to read

As you may know by now, I go through spurts where I try to take out every book in the library at once. Last week was spread over four days, but I took home quite a few, and actually finished a bunch of them.

Acorna and Acorna’s Quest both by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball, Acorna was finished last Monday night, Quest over shabbat.
Changelings also by Anne McCaffrey was consumed this past shabbos.
I find these sort of quick fantasies fun fast reads. The Acorna series is a bit fun, in general I enjoy this type of book to loose myself in and attempt to make far flung (or not so far flung) matches with reality. With all the stress and yuck I’ve had recently they make me smile and because they are speed reads I feel accomplishment upon finishing. In both books, I found myself drawn more to the eco-story more than the parallel coming-of-age sagas, but they were fun nonetheless. I hereby declare this the spring and summer of Anne McCaffrey (I have already read much of Pern). I am mulling several options for my second “read everything they’ve published” author. If you have strong desires to have me read someone, voice them!

Simply Green Giving: Create Beautiful and Organic Wrappings, Tags, and Gifts from Everyday Materials by Danny Seo
I read this very slim volume on Tuesday. I’m not fully sure why I placed a hold and took out this book, but it was a fun read to see different ways to wrap gifts. I’m not a fan of store bought paper that is used once and tossed out. Bags can be dangerous to me (I was declared a bag lady by my mother at age 3; I collect them and have a very difficult time getting rid of them). I think that this is a good “borrow from the library” or otherwise read and pass it on book, I do not see any value in letting it gather dust on your shelf. That is not to mean it’s a bad book, I greatly enjoyed it.. I just feel it’s a consume and move on book (much like most of the fantasy & sci fi I read.)

One Spice, Two Spice by Floyd Cardoz
I’m hungry just thinking about this book. I forget where I found out about it from but I urge you to try to locate this book if you are curious how to add some indian spices (or any spices honestly) to your cooking. While reading this cookbook several times I had to get up and bury my nose in my spice cabinet. And then bury my nose deeper. I have crappy cheap spices. One day soon I hope to purchase nicer ones and then grind what I need, when I need it. I have found lessons I learned from reading the recipes already influencing my cooking. I made some homemade ramen (i.e. I take the noodles and make my own, hopefully lower sodium soup) and turned to this for inspiration. The smell (and taste) were heavenly and I greatly enjoyed it. I really do urge you to check this out.

Ribbon Style: Knitted Fashions And Accessories by Cheryl Potter
This was borrowed (I’m having some difficulty with the return. Wish me luck tomorrow) with the desire to learn more about ribbon so I can knit up some very pretty bright ribbon yarn I purchased from LavenderSheep a while back. I love Ms Potter’s descriptions of various types of ribbon and the range of designs in the book (even if I might make or wear very few). I feel they helped me understand how this might knit up without knitting and ripping. I’m not yet fully sure what final shape my ribbon will take but I fell I have some better ideas on how it will behave on the journey.

Walker Treasury, Volume 4 by Barbara Walker.
I struck gold the past week at my public library branch. This battered and beat up green paperback was just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to pick it up. I knew for about two years now that I wanted to own the full set. I have definitely solidified that desire while reading through the fourth volume. What can I say? If you are a knitter who desires a good knitting library of books which will last you for years, run to this series. (Says she who has only read volume 4). Just please, leave me a set to put on my own bookshelf.. eventually.

Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You’ve got the Ring) by Judith Durant
I’ve been following following Jessica’s blog for a while (bassoon + library + knit/crochet what’s not to love?), and when she posted about argyles I fell over. So, armed with a discount coupon I dragged E into one of the big chain bookstores (groan) and showed him the socks. Would you wear these? I showed him a few other times.. Would you were those? Affirmative. Book purchased (along with another book, which actually more than negated any discount b/c it was hard cover, but I’m not counting, are you?). Yarn ordered last night (Regia solids) [Shipped today. Sheri, you ROCK]. I think the commentary is hilarious and the patterns are classic and I don’t think necessarily for the younger (or older) man.

And last but not least… I just received a set of Flip Knit books by Annie Modesitt. They are even more awesome in person. I’ve only spent a few minutes with them at this point, but I urge you already to ask your yarn shop for them. I see these as nice gifts for the beginning knitter in your life and to take to the park for summer knitting lessons. Annie is pure genius and I hope to one day grow up to be half as smart as her. They are small and won’t take up much room in your knitting bag at all. Good things come in small packages. Thus coming week is pretty wacky for me with a bunch of meetings in the evenings and client work due scattered throughout so I will hopefully work on a better review for next week.

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  1. I vote for Lois McMaster Bujold. Start with Shards of Honor for the Vorkosigan series, or The Curse of Chalion for the Chalion series.

  2. Not quite on topic, but have you seen the latest Mercedes Lackey “Tale of 500 Kingdoms” book? We were at the library yesterday for returns and to get the book my 9 YO had requested, so I quickly eyeballed the “new acquisitions” shelf . . . first printing date is only March 2007, I was shocked to see it here. I’ve only gotten barely started(we got home at kid bedtime, and DH arrived home as I was finishing, and we won’t discuss the lapsed time in between. . . )

  3. The first two Walker treasuries are even better than the fourth one. I found the second one for cheap at Housing Works, and I was hooked.

  4. Some nice finds there! Enjoy knitting the argyles. They are serious fun! I still have more patterns I want to try from that book. And thanks for the nice complement about my blog. *blushes*

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