knit, crochet: FO’s galore! (and plenty of UFO’s too)

Let’s see.. I finished the most amusing washcloth for my mum. I should have a picture of it somewhere but I don’t … what happens when you take one very tired knitter and ask her to replace your washcloth because you misplaced it? Oh and that knitter has a very big suprise for your mother’s day present? You get something highly amusing. I started off planning to make a semi-nubbly washcloth, got bored and switched to garterlac, but somewhere miscounted and instead of 3 triangles had 4 which made it larger, and I’m still not sure how I accomplished the corner I did. So what did I try to do to make it more square like and less (in mum’s words.. ‘pinafore?’) ? I added a popcornstitch-esque crochet border.

So what was mum’s gift? A nice small refurbished laptop with a wifi router installed in the house. :D very nice. All are happy I hope.

Other FO’s… Friday night moments erev shabbos I finished E’s crochet suede kippah. [photopress:suedekippah1.jpg,thumb,alignright] I think he likes it. I like it. I’d wear it. I still have to figure out how to weave the ends in neatly (i might just sew them down with black thread) and it needs some light blocking. Any and all advice on how to block suede is appreciated. I’m thinking of pinning it to my shaitel head thing and putting it in the humid bathroom while we shower and then leaving it to dry all day in the living room. The materials were about $15 … the time to complete was much faster than my normal kippot as the guage is HUGE in comparison (think 5.0mm vs i dunno 2 or so?) The question is, would anyone buy them? What should I charge if I wanted to try to sell them. Should I set up an Etsy shop and see? How should I price them? I am so bad at this. So far for the two commissioned hats I’m making I’m just charging for materials and rounding to include tax. I don’t feel that my knitting is at the level yet I should sell it. My single crochet circles? I’m much more practised in those and feel more comfortable showing those to the world. Yes, the material is new-to-me but the concepts are similar and it didn’t take me too long to figure out how I wanted to work with it.

[photopress:summersocks13may2007.jpg,thumb,alignleft]On the way out to see mum, we had barely even cleared Ocean Parkway and I finished my next set of anklets! yay! They look slightly different at the toe as the second one has a short-row toe which came out quite nice, except I twisted all the stitches on the reconnect. I don’t really care though .. I am very happy with these. I also have remembered the sewn bindoff and did it from memory in the car. If however you know what I’m doing with tapestry needles (or have all of mine) please let me know or return them. This is getting pathetic. I’m buying them almost every week! The yarn is Regia Cotton Tip & Top Color in #4075 purchased from knittycity a month or two ago. I used less than one ball for two anklets. I have 22g left from that ball. not really enough to do anything. Hmm.. These amazed me at how they flew off the needles. Which brings me to something I’ll just start to talk about here. Circs vs dpns. I prefer dpn’s greatly but when you drop one… if it’s on the subway it could be gone forever. if it’s in the car, just hope that the breaks aren’t slammed (they weren’t) and that the needle drops nicely through the seat so you can get it without distracting the driver too much. Dpns go much faster for me. Circs however are much more convenient for the subway.

So what has been on my back? Monkey[photopress:monkey1_13may2007.jpg,thumb,alignright] has. I have had this blue sock yarn that was originally destined to be a gift for someone close and it just went wrong and last week I frogged it. The yarn has been following me around begging to be knit into something. So after sewing off the anklet this morning I cast on for Monkey. The pattern is lots of fun and I’m enjoying myself greatly. I’m going to drop down a needle size for the remainder of the leg, ankle, and foot. It’s quite loose at the moment and while I have some muscle I’m worried about it. I cast on with 2’s which is what I was knitting the anklets with. I think I’ll also switch to circs while I’m at it so that they will travel someone easier in my bag and on the subway.

I showed mum the pathetic progress on her shawl. My goal for the week is to knit at least two repeats. That is all. I also want to make some progress on Icarus. I’m talking with Yvonne about my dream yarn for seraphim. I’m thinking something like her purple midnight but in a fingering weight. Those are my colours!!

Expect a major book post tomorrow, several knitting books and lots of other goodies. :)

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  1. I swear there’s a tapestry-needle-stealing gnome out there somewhere. Or maybe Wizards are putting Vanishing Charms on them… I dunno where they go, honestly.

    (I love the fact that you’re modeling the Monkey WIP whilst wearing handknit socks! so cool)

  2. I love the new anklets! I, too, knit ankle socks for myself, I find that my calves always puch down the legs of my socks so it’s a waste. Self-patterning yarn is so much fun!

  3. One of the ways that I use to price my things is I do a search for it on Etsy. I look at what other people are selling it at. I look for the lowest price and for the highest, which you can sort by. It also gives a good idea of whether it is worth your time to make the object for that price.

    Also, standard commission wage is $.15 per yard plus material cost, if that helps.

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