food: brussel sprouts and gf shepard’s pie!

I made two decent meals this past week. Now that the farmer’s market is back in full swing, I hope to find inspiration. I miss living close to farms and having pretty much first dibs on all the yummy veges.

Citrus Curried Couscous with Brussel Sprouts was a nice find on Monday. I left out the raisins as I don’t like them very much. I also didn’t have OJ so I used a date-orange spread I have. YUM! We really enjoyed this and ate it all up. The citrus flavour was perfect for the wacky weather we have been experiencing. What happened to spring?

[photopress:lentilshepardspie.jpg,thumb,alignleft]For shabbat I made the most yummy vege & gluten free shepard’s pie ever. It could be vegan if you didn’t use milk or butter in the mashed potato. Lentil Shepard’s pie is a wonderful addition to my lineup. I used some baby onions I found at the Union Square Market Friday morning. This was really good and I’m very excited to find a vege gluten free option for shepard’s pie. This was really yummy and easy to make. As fresh produce in the market changes I’m curious to see how I can adapt this. I used baby bella mushrooms as that is what I had bought.

I honestly feel dumb for not thinking of this combination. Sometimes I can come up with new recipies on my own, but for shepard’s pie I think I was very much stuck in the “this is how mum made it, how can I recreate that comfort food to fit my food-life today” rut. I read One Spice, Two Spice this past week (review Monday) and that started me rethinking spice and ingredients. I found this recipe while looking for something to do with my brussel sprouts on Monday. [I had goofed and swore I had zucchini for mixing with the couscous.]

Who are two bloggers and blogs related to food which make me think? I’m at least a month behind in reading both of these blogs!

1) Gluten Free By the Bay who recently relocated back? to NY in the Hudson Valley. I look forward to seeing what she cooks up and possibly meeting up for some kosher gluten free goodness (I have to find where that is possible beyond our kitchens first!). GF is the reason I’ve been actively searching for a gluten-free shepard’s pie.

2) Shauna’s Gluten-Free Girl. Her photography and writing detailing journey to GF living (and meeting her chef) inspire me. I cheat soo much at staying gluten-free she is an inspiration.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I took a very pleasant long nap this afternoon so I am very happy. :)