travel: Zürich

I’m itching to go away again, and as we haven’t settled down on when or where I’ll try to look back at past trips and highlight a place of interest. I will definitely show my ignorance as I didn’t always take good notes, nor was I experienced at travelling as my husband is.

As I’ve stated before, the summer of 2001 found E and I in Europe from mid June to mid August. For the first time in my life I went into debt for this (ignoring school loans because those are a given in life). I think it was worth it and am quite thankful we could make the trip. [nb: I borrowed from a family member so it wasn’t debt as some people have debt, but it was real to me!]

I also wish I had that sort of time and carefree thoughts still today, but that is a matter for another post.

I’ve touched on bits of our trip here and there and today I want to highlight a very short stay in Switzerland, we spent part of a day in Zürich. I don’t have access to the photographs to show you right now (we’re still slowly working on our travel site), but it was a beautiful city with nice pleasant streets to walk along on a nice summer day. Walking along the Limmat was wonderful and i recall a beautiful art installation in the river near a bridge (Quai? please remember this is going on six years now and I took horrid notes at the time but never wrote about this). We then went on to Geneva and had a miserable experience and I think we both, one day, wish to return to Zürich and see all that it has to offer. Any suggestions are welcome.