where did all the books go?

If you look (with my theme du jour, over to your left) at what I’m currently reading, the list looks quite small for me.. today I returned my weight in books to the uni libraries. Ok, it was only 9 books… but they total many pages and were all library-bound hardbacks. I did not finish all of them before they were returned. Since I don’t want to make more trips to campus this month than I have to (half the batch was due this week, half on the 31st), I returned all of them this afternoon. Any unfinished books are ‘on hold’ of my reading list until I take them back out from a library. My night stand looks empty!

But do not despair, I will fill it back up again..

Luckily for me and my book obsession, One Spice, Two Spice was on hold at the nypl branch near campus so that satisfied my need for a book today.


You see, this morning I left my knitting at home. My subway rides were not quite pleasant .. if it wasn’t for my headphones and the attached iPod.. (with charged batteries)…

So, after dropping off all those books with some new found space in my bag, I stopped by a news-stand and picked up the Summer IK and the May/June Piecework. YAY! I read them through twice on my way home. I love the piecework and have always been intrigued by tatting and the Costume article was quite nice too. I sometimes wish E would go for that sort of thing.

So, what *did* I finish this week? Not very much.

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  1. Scarf Style is a must for every shelf. Well worth buying. I am currently spinning yarn for a Lady E. I’ve got my first bobbin done and it’s working out nicely. I’ll be sure to post about it soon.

  2. Oh, definitely, Scarf Style is fabulous, I love looking through it! One of IP’s best. And, I’m so glad to see that the VISUALLY book might help! I’ll have to tell a friend of the author I know… Oh, and what about Pratchett for some summer reading?

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