mdswf was nice, but it’s me ok?

MDSWF was a very nice event.

Carolina Homespun was nice, and I picked up a copy of Visually Handspinning by Judith MacKenzie McCuin, not that I’m sure it will help (full review tomorrow, possibly). Nothing will it seems. I fell out of love with some wheels (the babes, much bulkier than I had measured) and in love with some smaller ones (including the hitchhiker). I am not allowed a wheel (even if I can fully finance it myself) until after we move (eta unknown) as there is no space for it no matter how small in storage.

I’m having one of those lives where if I can ruin something I do. I’ll try to post a follow up with more info about the festival soon, but probably not tonight.

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  1. You went too? I hope you had as much fun as I did! Wish I could have met you!

  2. I love Carolina Homespun. They are a really cool set of gals and I enjoy looking at their booth at both of the fiber festivals out here.

  3. Yay! MDSWF sounds so fantastic! Carolina Homespun are just wonderful, they’re so nice and knowledgeable (and everyone loves Morgaine ;D). I haven’t heard anything about the Hitchhikers yet, but when I first saw them I wanted to put a “Don’t Panic” sticker on ’em…

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