tools: i heart naptime! hah! and a good book.

I’m not going to link to the trillions of studies saying how good naptime is. I am just going to say how much I heart naps. I miss my naps because of how wacky my schedule has been lately. I find so many problems are solved after a nap.. I think naps are my favourtist part of shabbos.

also, I found this comic wildly hilarious today. i think that sums me up pretty well. ;) [well, minus the IM account.. when was the last time I had extra brain cycles for that?]

Tuesday night I read a great book on Stress, Self Esteem, Health, and the Workplace. I really enjoyed reading this book (and found it amusing to read it the bath) and recommend it.

Ok.. naptime! (well, i wish.. i have a ton of work which needs to be done now.. such as dishes so i have something to eat on!)