food: couscous

I will soon be able to cook a good deal more in the evenings as classes have finished and all imperfect papers turned in.

Yesterday I wasn’t really in the mood to cook and because I went to the grocery store hungry, 3 boxes of couscous came home with me. I started looking for something easy, which would taste good for a cool (rainy) spring day. Couscous Giardiniera Salad fit the bill perfectly. It was incredibly easy to make, included some veges, and additionally fed us for 2.5 additional meals. :) I served it warm because I like warm feta.

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  1. […] and had a very wonderful pasta sauce this past week. For shabbos I made the couscous I had made a few weeks back and it became lunch as well. I couldn’t find feta Friday afternoon (you take what you […]

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