tools: ignite cognito spill proof .. planner (pt I)

I’m sorry, no pictures. The Ignite Cognito rocks. I learned about this awesome new spill proof* thermos by way of i needed a spill proof container that isn’t big. this fits the bill perfectly. push button liquid comes out. Don’t push button, no liquid. It is available at Target for $20.

I live by my planner. I have been a personal size filofax user since 1994. The past few years however I just couldn’t fit things on the pages in the ways I wanted to. I just grew up into the a5 (Logic, it’s somewhat affordable). It’s huge but I now have more space to write which is wonderful. It is taking some getting used to and I miss my moleskine but I had already destroyed it with almost a year of use. I need to figure out a better way to “lighten it” for when I don’t want or need to schlep the whole big thing, but so far I feel more comfortable with it than I had recently with my personal one.

It’s amazing to me that the semester is over. A year of grad school. Part time. Many more to go (May 2009 current projected completion date). I’m not taking summer courses this year and hope to catch up on client work which I’ve been neglecting these past four months. I also hope to work on my writing (and self-editing) skills. We all know I have a ton of work to do in that area, so I thank you for your patience in hanging in here with me.

* It is spill proof as long as you put the top on properly which I failed to do in my exhaustion last night before class and before in excitement I tipped it over and gushed to some of my classmates “look how awesomely spill proof this is”. *sigh* Thankfully all of it didn’t spill out, but it was pretty funny.