random (part I): fo’s, charity, penguins…

I forgot totally about posting this. I’ve been wearing my Beatnik (aka black) coloured “lace beanie” since pesach (and alternating with the brown one). My order for more yarn has finally come into knitty city and I’m picking it up this afternoon. I sadly don’t yet have a picture of this new one but will probably update this post when I do finally have one. Just look at the other one, change the colour and there you go. :)

I also finished the first of the two big blue gift socks. So instead of being reasonable, I cast for a toe-up for me with the remainders of that half-ball. *sigh* I’m really nervous about them not fitting the giftee.

Ok. I’m still thinking about all of the death these last weeks. Not just here. Definitely not just here in the US. But there is healing that needs to be done everywhere. I’ve found that Mosaic Yarn Shop in Blacksburg, VA is having a Hokie Healing. They are asking for 8×8 squares in Maroon, Burnt Orange, White, and Black.

I’m searching for knits to go to other places in the small world of ours that have seen too much of death recently. If you know of any good sources please let me know. I will do some searching soon.

Lastly, I know this story is pretty old at this point, but I have not yet seen “Happy Feet” and probably won’t for a while. Apparently Bill Blakemore of ABC News produced a nice piece on how penguins are threatened. Knitting sweaters for the wee ones isn’t necessarily our best course of action. PG is asking me for a sweater for *HER* but I know that many of the other requests are overfull with sweaters. What can we do? I’m not sure.

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  1. Better than sending your knitting where there is death and dying: sending it where children needs hugs and love: http://www.projectlinus.org/index.shtml

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