travel: fort tilden

Well, this shouldn’t really be *travel* since it’s practically in our back yard (i.e. if i could avoid bridges we would ride our bikes there [we can it is just a much much longer ride]).

Sunday we went to Fort Tilden, which is part of Gateway National Recreation Area. The weather was beautiful and despite comments to the contrary, my “making” PG work was not in violation of any penguin labour laws. :P She’s excited for the extra spending money and keeps telling me she wants to buy a wheel. I told her to talk it over with E and Nibbi… we don’t quite have space for one as much as she and I want one.

I don’t have as many photos as I wanted nor the time to post all I wanted to (YAY!! Client work!!) but the sky was blue, the water looked (cold but) blue, the sand was nice and warm on my toes… It was a most perfect Sunday afternoon.

[photopress:IMG_0017.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:IMG_0009.JPG,thumb,pp_image] [photopress:IMG_0005.JPG,thumb,pp_image]

1.5 down .5 to go. Whew. It’s been a wacky four months.

[aside: interesting how my perspectives of yarn shops changes. some of those shops i commented on (if you see my post on this day last year) and hadn’t visited in 2-4 years!]

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  1. PG should mention that a wheel also makes a great investment. Unless they’re damaged they rarely devalue.

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