food: uhm… Hmm…

Drafts are complete. I’m not pleased with them, but it’s one hurdle partially down. Oh wait, they’re supposed to stay up. Ok, it’s the first one cleared for the 400m race, 9 more to go. [Note: I *never* hurdled in high school. I ran a slow 3k or surprisingly a fast 100m. go figure.]

The sink is full of dirty dishes so I think we ate this week. Dinner last night was semi disasterous in that I didn’t think at all and should have boiled the potatoes a little before adding them to the bizarre concoction of chicken breast (yuck), tomato, and garlic. Oops.

I’m looking forward to spring and the return my attending farmer’s markets (and hopefully enough time so that I can visit them). This past year, I mostly just didn’t have time once it got cold, and there are only so many times I need apples (though I probably would have eaten much healthier). Here are three links for NYC Green Markets. Hope to see you there!

Interesting, according to my plugin for “on this day” I’ve had gmail since ’04. Wow.