trains: dual use bus – train

Last week I heard about this really awesome sounding dual use bus and train. As we look into places to potentially move, having something like this could greatly expand where we looked. This concept is quite nice and I would love the ability to have a dual use 2-person pod for the NYC subway. ;) [E would have to drive so I could knit..]

Also last week at about 6:20am on the F line a bunch of really old cars went by.. It was early and pre-coffee so I’m not fully sure which cars I saw, I think there was a redbird and a R1 or perhaps an R4 (it was on the F so I’m going to assume R4?) (it was green). It was an awesome way to start the day and both E and I were sad we didn’t have cameras quickly available. And please, catch me a break for not being more observant as to what they were as I was really tired last week. :)