Finished ankle socks (both ways)

Pattern: alison’s ankle socks (well, mostly .. see below)
Started: April 13th, 2007 ~ 6pm
Finished: April 17th, 2007 10:30pm
For: ME!!!
Yarn: Bernat Sox in Crazy Hot. Less than 1 ball (I think i have 14g remaining)
Needles: metal dpns 3.25mm

YAY!!! Ok. I think this was my fastest must-knit-two-of-same knit ever. rainbow socks But there not both the same. The main goal was to try short-row heels. I knit one with some success. So I decided I wanted to try toe-up. I didn’t short-row either toe. Benefits? Having a small foot & using Bernat sox with 3.25mm needles. Anyway … the toes and the short-rows need work but now I know rainbow socksI can do it either way if I want. I must resist and finish a few other projects (uhm.. not least two finals due by Tuesday?) before casting on the next pair, but it is exciting to know that if I want to knit “tall” socks I don’t have to think about it yet and can just start at the toe and keep going. The toe up one I cast off a tad tightly but it’s ok. And many many thanks to E for taking the photos. It’s late & dark so conditions were not the best. Lastly, my ankles are not swollen or anything, it’s just the angle..

Oh drat. Now PG is clamoring for a pair since they go fast. After next Wednesday dear…

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  1. Aw, they’re so cute! They look like they match pretty well, actually… more identical than fraternal ^_^

  2. Those are awesome socks! You know Sarah is knitting like 4 – 6 pairs before mother’s day for gifts. I think I might be contemplating them myself now. I could at least make a pair for my mom and maybe for her twin sister…hmm

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