knit: fastest sock ever (pt 1)

I was planning on photographing more of the stash today but it’s so grey and yucky out I don’t think it’s a good plan.

Anyway.. Friday afternoon SaraH posted about [photopress:crazyhotsox15apr.jpg,thumb,alignright]her ankle socks. That set me thinking, as earlier in the week, J in NJ emailed me because she found my site via google as I have some Crazy Hot Bernat Sox in my stash. A ball was sent to her and she sent me a photo of her sock. I re-fell in love with the crazy colours (me who generally doesn’t like rainbow brightness). I decided this would be good yarn to try a short-row heel on. After some quick research I discovered that the wonderful Alison has a pattern for short row ankle socks (with optional pompom), also with a marvelous short row tutorial. I cast on and raced quickly through much of this sock before shabbos .. it’s amazing what 3.25mm needles can do (oh and only 6 rows before starting the heel). This morning I finished the sock. It has a short row heel and my normal decreases toe. Well, mostly on the toe. I screwed up and the decreases don’t quite work as planned but i love it! The heel isn’t perfect but I “get it” now.. Maybe soon I’ll understand how the toe works for a top down. ;) [edited to add: it’s 12g of sock. i can make a TON of these. It’s nice having small feet. :)]

Goal for second sock? Try toe-up and another short row heel.

There has been some other knitting this past week. I hope to have more to show next week, including a second sock!

[updated b/c I realized I mispelled saraH’s name. There are many sara(h)s in my life. I can’t easily remember who has the H and who doesn’t. Sorry!! mea culpa to you all.]

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  1. ACK!! What’s happened to the site?? I came to gloat with you about the small-feet = easy socks things and now the layout is playing with my head…

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