food: some poultry and tofu, and other updates

Updates on the baking from last week … the chocolate chip cup cakes? All I taste is sugar (yuck) and my oven was off so they came out hard as a rock and crumbly, not at all as good as the other batch. I’ll probably make the crumb cake sometime this week.

No latkes were cooked by me as we try to limit our frying.

For shabbos dinner I made Chicken with Zucchini, (green) Garlic, and Green Olives. I couldn’t find green garlic so used regular instead. This is from the modern greek cookbook I reviewed a week or two ago. Yum! We ate this up .. I served it with some Israeli (big) couscous cooked in chicken broth. I will make this again. Probably with tofu in the future as I’m not a big meat fan, but had bought some chicken breast for pesach but ended up not cooking any of it because my MIL is awesome and provided me with many leftovers. Which was appreciated but I do enjoy cooking so I was semi-frustrated.

Tonight for dinner I made a semi-decent stir fry. I drained and quickly pressed some tofu and started to saute it (I *try* to limit frying..) with some ground ginger and salt. Once it cooked for a while and started to brown I added in some baby corn nuggets and a bit of gluten free hoisin sauce. It turned out quite nice though we had to add some more hoisen sauce during eating as it had diluted a bunch during cooking.

We’ll see what cooking this next week will bring. Since the weather is supposed to be nasty tomorrow I have a soup planned.

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  1. I like the new look. It is very clean and simple. I know it isn’t the final iteration, but I like where you are going.

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