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Oh no! What happened to PG? [for those of you in a feed reader, I changed the theme and it has a text based header.] She wants me to work on the images and freshen up that site a little so here’s a plain text placeholder for now. I need to tweak a few things right off because I don’t like them, but it’s getting there. :)

Tools. Right. Uhm.. I knew I should’ve drafted this post while I was thinking about it! I think I finally figured out twitter … and why I didn’t grok it for a while… It’s an interface to all our IM away messages! Remember in college when we’d set it as away even though we were just procrastinating and doing nothing? That is totally what twitter reminds me of. I was never good at setting good away messages so that’s why I have a hard time with it now. However, Corrie and I were emailing & twittering earlier today and she introduced me to tweetbar (hey, I never said I was totally on top of this stuff..) and now… well, we’ll see what happens.

Other tools… All those things on the side bar? (it was on the right, now it’s on the left … as I’ll probably switch the theme again.. who knows where it will be!) In any case.. there are some fun things there. I have many too many rss feeds I try to follow. I read them quite diligently in Google Reader .. anyway .. I can share posts I find interesting … I like that. There are clipmarks too sometimes (I forget that a TON) .. And the books I am reading all lots of fun stuff.

Next week will be better posting content wise. I hope. :) There are quite a few things I want to write about.

Lastly, if you have emailed me recently and haven’t received an answer in about 24 hours? Try again. I’m not sure if I’m mistaking the email for spam or why I’m not seeing some… I get a TON of email and much of it can be deleted. I worry that I’ve been over zealous on that front.