books, all 2285 pages of them..

I finished quite a few things over pesach.. :)

The Blazing World and Other Writings (Penguin Classics) by Cavendish, Margaret
The first story, The Contract interested me more than the other two. I nodded off while reading The Blazing World.. but think it was more my attempt to read the entire book in one go than to the book. One day I’ll give it another try and see if I like it better. I did finish it but would have preferred dental work.

A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder

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3 Replies to “books, all 2285 pages of them..”

  1. What a productive time! I haven’t been around your blog long enough to pick up on this, and perhaps this is a nosy question, but how many books/pages do you think you read in a typical week?

  2. Oops! I only just noticed your reading list in the right column. :) In that case, here is a different question — How do you decide at any given time which book to read (as it seems that you go through several different books at once)?

  3. I generally average about 2-3 books a week, page counts differ depending on what they are. Last summer I kept good track. lately, I’ve become lazy (or busy). I could probably easily extend Rob’s plugin to track pages but I haven’t. Yet.

    As to how do I decide what to read (or knit) at any given time? I have books and knitting all over the small one bedroom apartment! (to the chagrin of E, mr neat-boy) It’s whatever strikes my fancy.. the cover, the topic.. I place tons of books on hold at my various libraries and when they come in they get added to the pile. :)

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