tools: what’s your favourite?

Oh I should’ve taken two weeks off to catch up and plan a few posts of quality..

What are your favourite tools?

I’ve been thinking about it as I’ve not knit this week…

I think my “can’t live without tools” include the following:

  1. A blank book with a hard cover and an elastic closure, preferably grid
  2. A pencil, preferably H or lighter
  3. A nice pen, I like my fountain pen but I’ve been known to like others.
  4. A book to read. I even go scrounging for something to read while knitting…
  5. My pocket knife (or my leatherman)
  6. Yarn and a hook or two wires. Or something to keep my hands occupied…

I know that there are more, but that is all for now. Despite the lack of knitting some books may have become part of my permanent collection or borrowed from the library. :D

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2 Replies to “tools: what’s your favourite?”

  1. 1. A notebook that doesn’t get too beaten up in my bag (much like what you describe…perhaps smaller)
    2. Good rollerball or gel pens – I always have a black, a purple, and a red with me
    3. A ball of Sugar ‘n’ Cream and US7 circs
    4. My cell phone (much as I hate to admit it)
    5. My iPod – which I almost hate to admit, but most of the time I listen to crafty podcasts (a blessing in Houston traffic), and all my music is legal
    6. Hard candies, as I tend to doze off at inopportune times if I haven’t slept well
    7. A comb and a clip big enough to hold all my hair back, but small enough not to slide out of half my hair

    …probably more than you’d ever wanted to read in a comment… :)

  2. Hmmm. Embarrassingly enough, most of mine are electronic (I really wouldn’t survive in Amish country, would I?):
    – 2 socks on 2 circs (preferably); but *anything* to knit would do
    – my bag o’ tricks (st markers, tape measurer, etc)
    – my laptop (okay, I can live w/o it on a short-term basis)
    – my iPod
    – my cell
    – my knitting notebook (it’s handback and has graph paper and stuff) and a mechanical pencil to doodle and make notes
    – a Terry Pratchett novel
    – lip balm and hand creme

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