lost.. and found

I found the shawl. The Baby Surprise Jacket refused to let me see it in the depths of my WIP storage system because *IT* is annoyed at me for not working on it.

[mostly b/c I know more know about gauge and yarn types than I did then. I’m currently knitting it in aran weight. My goal was to fit an older child, but will my dimensions be totally off? most likely. Why would I actually measure anything and think about it.] I’m pretty close to just ripping and casting on for some fingering weight action. we’ll see. It’s hard for me to remember that babies are TINY!]

Also, my shawl, I’m not happy with my yarn choice. I’m going back up to fingering (I think my MDSWF yarn is cursed) … we’ll see what I have stashed or if anything follows me home. :)

With luck I’ll post stash pictures on Sunday. I’m scared though.. E is off tomorrow and I don’t know if I really want him to see the truth. There’s a lot of yarn there.. :)

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  1. Time for a cunning distraction – maybe you can convince him to take a walk/ nap/ something whilst you photograph?? And there is much rejoicing that the gnome finally returned your Mum’s shawl! (even if it’s annoying you now :( …) Shabbat Shalom!

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