I am here. I think I’m alive. I just have a trillion things to do in the next seven hours before I am at the office. I have already done a million between yontif ending and now. To say I am stressed would probably be an understatement. That’s what I get for a almost full time client, my own clients begging for attention and school. Oh and a household to take care of…

I just want to say the following things:

1) I hope you have had a most pleasant two days. I did. I slept a ton.
2) If I owe you email or a comment on a blog or any other type of acknowledgment.. Please be patient.
3) Just a general FYI (ok, it’s a rant.. skip to #4 if you’d rather)… try to be descriptive if you are blaming me for something I have not done to your desires. “Lots of things wrong” is not useful to me in an attempt to correct myself or my work. [[..snip.. morning of 5.apr .. it’s my site and after a night’s sleep I should have held off on writing all those details. yes it’s out there in rss-feed land and who knows who else has picked it up. but i feel better now. thank you for your words of concern. it is much appreciated. when working with clients & all their associated help it can be difficult. it’s not necessarily all my fault.]]
4) Have you ever opened a box of non-gebrokts yellow cake mix (w/chocolate frosting packet included) and mixed it up and gone, hmm.. that looks like chocolate cake! yeah. That happened tonight.
5) At the grocery store tonight there was a subdued crowd. Shopping baskets consisted mostly of cleaning supplies and seltzer. We bought a tupperware and some yogurt.
6) Rashi’s Daughter’s: Book 1 was as awesome as I predicted. be careful on the website the blurb for book 2 gives away something i was previously unaware of. :(
7) A gut voch! (E has off on Friday. I’m a tad jealous…)

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  1. Eh, comments can always wait. And, unreasonable people just suck :( I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with said unreasonable person. But, yummy, matzoh meal cake to make things better! Oh, Pesach food… I still haven’t tried making those raspberry-chocolate macaroons, have I?

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