read: no sheep, it’s all greek (and french)

No Sheep for You by Amy R. Singer (amazon link)
Wow. This was awesome. I’m still not sure how I justified purchasing the book at this point in time but I did and it is totally worth it. Amy spent a nice chunk of time explaining how the various non-woolly fibres work. The patterns are quite nice too and I want to play with some sea silk one of these days.. I’m excited to add this to my growing library.

Modern Greek by Andy Harris Is a marvelous cookbook of greek cuisine. The pictures that accompany almost every dish left me hungry. I am kinda clueless about greek cooking and was delighted to find that much of their culinary heritage is vegetarian. There were a few dishes of pork or shellfish which I skipped over but this is definitely a great book for those looking to expand to different types of foods. I haven’t cooked anything from it yet (that whole pesach thing starting tonight) but when I do I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.

500 Mots by Harry McNaught is a very cute children’s illustrated dictionary. It’s of the illustrations and cuteness factor of the “Little Golden Books” era (I have some classics from my mum..) [it’s © 1973 Random House and it’s part of the “Please Read to me series (with the Rabbit Reading)”].. and my French is horrid these days and I discovered while reading through this (I haven’t yet learnt all 500 words) that there were many that were never covered in my years of public school French education … specifically important words such as “Les échasses” (stilts), “la poignée” (pot holder), “l’ampoule” (lightbulb) the list goes on and on.. I was originally going to scan some of the drawings but I have some work to do and some cooking and it’s getting late. And I finished the black lace beanie on the train home. An end or two to weave and I have a new hat for peasch! yay!

So without further stuff …

Chag sameach v’kasher!