knit: it’s not funny anymore

So the flat has been cleaned for pesach. However, I still haven’t found mum’s swallowtail. Where is it?

What have I knit the past week? Very little. A bit on my softwist shrug, a bit on the Warm up America squares, a bit on a sock, a bit on the Love-It hats, a bit on lots of bits.

Posting the next two weeks will be as follows:

Monday (2 Apr) – Books
Tue (3 Apr) – NO POST
Wed (4 Apr) – Random ..
Thu (5 Apr) – Tools/Travel
Fri (6 Apr) – Learning
Sat (7 Apr) – Food
Sun (8 Apr) – Knit Inventory & Project ideas
Mon (9 Apr) – NO POST
Tue (10 Apr) – Books
Wed (11 Apr) – Random
Thu (12 Apr) – Tools/Travel

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  1. Well, blarg. When was the last time you knit on it? (who cares when you last saw it, right?) I know that everyone’s probably asking, but I thought maybe… Hrm.

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