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I wouldn’t call what I’ve “cooked” (the few nights I’ve been home this week) cooking or perhaps food. The waning days before pesach become a lesson in creativity. Especially if you are married to the world’s pickiest eater. The fridge and pantry have been somewhat cleared out to make room for pesachdik goodies.

Does anyone know why I’ve had a difficulty finding aluminum foil this year? I found some tonight (the local kosher market is open all night) but it was a struggle. I also do not buy pre-cut foil. I am able to cut my own erev yontif or shabbos (and save 50-75% in the process).

What is your favorite pesach food? I’m one of those odd souls who likes matzoh (and rice cakes and other “cardboard” foods). Sadly eating too much matzoh makes me ill these days… I guess I’ll review a taste of Tradition by Tamar Ansh (amazon link) and see if anything really strikes my fancy.

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  1. I know very little about pesach-appropriate foods (I was raised Methodist in a small Methodist farming community among many Methodists). Thanks for sharing the links — I’m interested in learning more about it.

    Have a good day!

  2. My Mum’s matzoh ball soup! Chocolate matzoh. Inventive potato dishes ;D

    … PB&J on matzoh was always a fav at school…

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