knit by twos: charity squares, baby squares, socks

First off, there is a someone taking all my WIP’s.. I’m currently missing a hat & mum’s lace. I just hope that my “Brownie” or whomever will return them finished. It’s a problem as I was supposed to finish the hat for Monday.

Update: Mea Culpa! I totally spaced on posting this, so I’ll throw it in here. Go sign up for Jodie‘s Charity Blanket Swap. Go. Now. It’s going to be fun.

Here is my first square and the second one on the needles for the Warm up America. The first one is wonderful garter, the second is shadow triangles. Square one is in Natural Navy, [photopress:SWSsquares25mar.jpg,thumb,alignright]Square two is in Natural Geranium. Ok, I have a few thoughts on the yarn. SWS is a 70% wool and 30% soy mix. It is very loosely spun (more on that in a bit). A commented to me at the end of Represent how she was frustrated being unable to knit by feel, I totally agree. I am not ashamed at all for choosing to knit a garter stitch square, especially given the finickiness of the yarn. If EZ knit garter, I have no shame in knitting garter. I digress, my biggest frustration with this yarn (I have another balls to knit up from the event and a bag of 6 more from Smiley’s Manhattan Sale) is that it split quite easily (and thus was difficult to knit by feel, because of the loose twist). I am curious to see how it felts up and thing that I might make a box or two from my stash of 6.

Here are my current two baby/washrag squares. One is a bit just waiting for some finishing and the other well, we’ll see what it turns into. It is a squares pattern I have from a German pattern book. I wish those things were charted. :)


I have started the toes of my sock. I hope to finish it by tomorrow and then will race through finishing the blue pair, my incentive is that I want to finish my second sock. With some super long nights I might be able to finish it before pesach and gift it. Hah. I’ll keep dreaming.


Lastly, here is the progress on seraphim. I think that it might go quickly. I’m still not sure if I am using the yarn I really want to but I love this simplicity of this pattern and know that I will be making it again with other yarns.


And did you read this? Beautiful.

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  1. Hmm…knitting gnomes. I think I might have a few of those myself. I could have sworn that I had like 7 projects that I are currently going on, but when I look for them I only have 2. Now how does that happen?

  2. It is The WIP Gnome, I tell you! He keeps stealing my WIPs, too! Maybe we’re supposed to leave out bowls of milk at night, or something, to bribe him?

  3. I’m making a blanket with SWS and I think the yarn has so much going on the color front that garter stitch works best. I haven’t felted it myself, but the craft store where I got it had a sample and it looked like it worked really well.

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