wow … food: dairy

I’m amazed at all the traffic I had in the other day. Many thanks to Amy, who is my hero (and I’m sure I’ll love even more once I get my hands on her book). Wow. And nine comments? That is a record for me. I have a varied but boring life, I am a horrible writer who is struggling to improve. I hope to get back to all of the comments (and my inbox) soon, I broke my Mail program when I got home Friday and am just now putting it to rights. I have added your blogs to my rss reader and will try to keep up. I’m far behind in everything. Life has been good, but busier than it had been. I’m still adjusting to the new schedule.

Anyway, Saturday evening posts are generally about food (tomorrow is about knitting). I haven’t cooked much this past week but I did indulge in a few purchases at Whole Foods on my way home from Represent on Thursday. I am a wanna-be foodie. When I took on full-kashrut I changed how I consume two large food families. For one of them, it’s probably a very good thing as I have a slight allergy to it (well I have an allergy to both but I still consume them *sigh*). I have a wheat intolerance so passing by bakeries isn’t as difficult as it might sound. I’m blessed in my part of Brooklyn by many very yummy kosher Bakeries. Adjusting to kosher cheese options has proven more difficult. Especially since i TRY to adhere to cholov y’israel whenever possible. I love me a good parmesan. I don’t like the little crumbles, but freshly grated. I’ve found Miller’s to have a decent shredded Parmesan, but it isn’t cholov y’israel. In general I prefer Haolam’s cheeses. Anyway, I was delighted to find an enticing heschered cheese section at the Chelsea Whole Foods Thursday evening. I discovered a mild and wonderful Monterey Jack with Roasted Garlic and Basil. Yum! It’s by Sugar River Cheese Co and is heschered by cRc (not cholov yisrael either *sigh*). I’ve eaten three-quarters of it today and am eager to try their other products. If I could just find a kosher wine without sulfites (does that exist?!) for E…

From BytheBay I discovered Redwood Hill Farm and their delightful Goat Milk Yogurt. I have fallen in love with their Cranberry Orange selection. I urge you to try it. They are heschered by New England Rabbinical Council. I do wish the goats good health as they take care when their animals are pregnant and allow them to nurse their new kids, this leads to a “shortage” but it is totally worth it.

In non-food consumption I devoured Stephanie’s book on Friday evening. It’s awesome for this Traveling knitter. :)

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  1. I’m dying of envy for two reasons: the kosher l’pesach food abundance (we only get Manishevitz stuff here) and the fact that you’re reading Cast Off! Review, review! (please?)

  2. I feel like a bad Jew, I just spelled Manischewitz wrong. Isn’t there something in the Torah about that? ;D

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